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Surfer Overview

Surfer stand-on commercial lawn mower. Quicker and more efficient than a walk-behind and smaller and less expensive than a rider, the new Surfer commercial lawn mower is perfect for all your mowing needs. Available with a 19hp or 23hp engine and a 34, 48 or 52" fixed deck, this compact stand-on mower allows you to climb curbs, make quick turns and trim around trees, poles or any obstacle in your path. So you can mow more lawns in way less time.

  • Easy-to-operate, Dual Handle Control Levers.
  • Stand-on platform for true zero-turn maneuverability and increased visibility.
  • Available with a 34, 48 or 52" fixed-deck.
  • Weighs less than the Super Surfer.
  • Aluminum hydrostat reservoir for improved heat dissipation.
  • Compact design for increased productivity.