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Scamper Hydro Overview

Scamper Hydro commercial lawn mower. Designed with operator comfort in mind, this walk-behind commercial lawn mower has patented drive levers that allow for easy one-hand trimming. Available with a 15, 17 or 19 hp engine and 36, 48 or 52 inch deck, the short overall length of this mower is perfect for maneuvering between trees and loading on trailers. The Scamper Hydro comes complete with dual 10cc hydraulic pumps and motors.

  • Extra wide wheel stance, for great hillside stability.
  • Single action throttle control lever to achieve desired maximum speed.
  • Patented drive levers for one-hand trimming.
  • Excellent left-side trimming ability.
  • Dual 10cc hydraulic pumps and motors.
  • More maneuverable than other hydro walk-behinds.