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Super Surfer Overview

Super Surfer stand-on commercial lawn mower. This easy-to-operate stand-on commercial lawn mower is guaranteed to decrease your mowing time — and increase your satisfaction level. Available with a 48 or 52 inch floating deck, the Super Surfer follows the contour of the ground and leaves your grass trimmed to perfection. And with its outstanding hillside performance and stability, you'll never want to sit again.

  • Standing platform makes it much easier and safer to simply step off the mower.
  • Excellent visibility, making it a superior trimming mower.
  • True floating deck design for better cut quality.
  • Weight is transferred below the axle, providing great hillside stability.
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer Spring Package operator platform cushion system absorbs bumps and engine vibrations.
  • No ROPS bar is required.