Great Dane
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Super Surfer Model Line

Super Surfer stand-on commercial lawn mower. All models feature:
Floating Deck
Forward Speed: 9 mph
Reverse Speed: 4.5 mph
Transmission Controls: Ergonomically correct dual handle control levers
Thermoplastic Elastomer Spring Package operator platform cushion system
Fuel Capacity: 6 US gal.
Drive Tires: 20 x 8.00-8
Castor Wheel Tires: 13 x 5.0-6
Height of Cut: 1.5 inch to 4.5 inch
Hydraulic Pumps: Hydro-Gear PG (10cc) pumps

Model   Engine Size   Cutting Width   Length   Weight
GSKA1948S   19 HP Kawasaki Kai   48 in.   59 in.   735 lb.
GSKW2352S   23 HP Kawasaki   52 in.   62 in.   750 lb.
GSKH2352S   23 HP Kohler   52 in.   65 in.   775 lb.